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Essential Telecom's Chief Executive, Maura Muldoon-Beckman, has devoted her career developing client relationships, understanding client needs and delivering solutions for those needs . "The reason Essential Telecom Consultants was created was to deliver upon the promise of customer support in the Telecom Industry". Ms Beckman further believes it is the people who make the difference.  

Essential's principal operating officer, Bruce Beckman, has over 35 years of telecommunications and E-911 Database management experience and knowledge.

These 35 years include operations and management experience with ATT, Ameritech, and SBC. He has had National and Regional Account Management Responsibility that covered a wide variety of clients in both the Enterprise and Wholesale Telecommunications Industry. These clients included NBC, ABC, Playboy Enterprises, CBS, State Farm, Worldcom, Qwest and Davel Telecommunications. Responsibilities included strategic planning, Network Design and Account Management.

In addition, Essential Telecom Consultants, Inc. has developed a network of seasoned veteran support personnel. These professionals can be drawn upon depending on the scope of the consulting project. These experiences cover a wide spectrum from Ameritech to ATT to Accenture Consulting and can be tuned to meet individual client needs.

Occasionally, Telecom projects require the collaboration with office computer networks and application software application personnel.  While Essential is and has remained independent and has no vendor affiliations, it has established a partner relationship with Medical Office Systems LLC  to provide a broad range of telecom-computer options to meet your needs.  Whether you need, as an example, caller ID incorporation with your client database, distributed fax applications, or broadcast calling options, Essential Telecom and Medical Office Systems can work together to provide a seamless, integrated solution.

Member of “The Project Management Institute” ( ).

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